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Kurzweil Network catalogs the quickening growth of tech, knowledge, and concepts shaping tomorrow.

Published by best selling author, futurist, inventor Ray Kurzweil — our library collection explores themes from his landmark non-fiction books: link. The phrase accelerating intelligence is a two-part concept from his writings:

  • the first definition is: steadily increasing our abilities, so we can craft our future.
  • the second definition is: the clock of civilization is speeding up.

We learn faster, have better+ easier access to fundamentals and know-how. Plus swift changes are happening within society. Burgeoning opportunities for abundance promise to solve large global problems — but we also have to manage more complex situations.

Kurzweil Network is a small format digest  — featuring hand-picked, specially curated stories + resources. This website is also home to the permanent collection of writings and commentary by Ray Kurzweil. We follow progress in the science + technology landscape.

some topics: biology, nanotech + materials science, electronics, computation, artificial intelligence, robotics, web, pattern recognition, virtual reality, and medicine.

We collect note-worthy trends, products, discoveries, and projects affecting:

the market-place + innovation
the government + defense

the city of tomorrow
the community of tomorrow
the machines of tomorrow
good future

digital web + communication
digital arts + entertainment
digital lifestyle
digital education

tech assisted medicine
tech assisted exploration

design in the material world
design in the organic world

keeping-up with: knowledge
keeping-up with: society


— getting in touch with us —

editorial + mail:

requests for Ray Kurzweil:

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— legacy companies • contemporary —

note: Please see the following list of Kurzweil companies for support details:

  • if you have questions for a legacy Kurzweil company
  • if you need help with a product from a legacy Kurzweil company

Kurzweil Music co. | pages

product: digital keyboards

Kurzweil Music | home
Kurzweil Music | support

Transcend Longevity co. by Ray + Terry | pages

product — nutritional supplements + personal care

Transcend Longevity | home
Transcend Longevity | support

Kurzweil Education co. | pages

product — educational software for disabilities

Cambium Learning Group | home
Cambium Learning Group | support

Kurzweil Education | home
Kurzweil Education | support

Kurzweil and the National Federation of the Blind org. | pages

product — text-to-speech software for mobile phone

mobile reader app | home
National Federation of the Blind | home


winner: Golden Apple Award
presented: by Apple Vis
award: best tools for blind + low vision people
design: for Apple co. products

— legacy companies • historic —

Blio co.

  • product: e-reader software + book library
  • current: in transition

Kurzweil Computer Technologies co.

  • product: text-to-speech software
  • current: integrated into products at Nuance co.

Financial Accelerating Transactions from Kurzweil Adaptive Technologies co.

  • product: financial investment software service
  • current: fund for select investors

Kurzweil Applied Intelligence co.

  • product: speech-to-text software
  • current: integrated into products at Nuance co.

— mailing address —

Kurzweil Technologies co.
935 Great Plain Avenue
no. 111
Needham, MA  02492 • US

team | Kurzweil Network

Ray Kurzweil • publisher
Sarah Black • managing librarian
Nanda Barker-Hook • communications
Denise Scutellaro • accounting manager
John-Clark Levin • book research
Kamil Pelka • web tech
Ken Linde • web tech

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— creative projects —

project | Cyber Art — by Kurzweil

product: digital art created by smart software
product: poetry created by smart software
showcase: artwork + poems

project | Ramona the virtual girl — by Kurzweil

product: digital rock star
product: digital chat-bot
library: photos, songs, conversations

— film projects —

film title: the Singularity Is Near
deck: A true story about the future.
film-maker: by Ray Kurzweil

film title: Transcendent Man
deck: A documentary on the life + ideas of Ray Kurzweil.
film-maker: by Ptolemaic Productions co.