August 20, 2012
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Rachel Haywire
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Acidexia is an e-book of writings by Rachel Haywire that first appeared in her Acidexia online journal between 2001 and 2004.

At the turn of the millennium, an institutionalized “mentally ill” teenage girl is kicked out of her home to live life on the streets. She embarks upon an odyssey through underground subcultures and cyberspace while endlessly crisscrossing the country by bus and hitchhiking. Reinventing herself as Acidexia, a poetic terrorist and radical deconstructionist, she unleashes a torrid maelstrom of rants, diatribes and mindfuck prose in her online journal. Acidexia inspires a devoted cult following online and offline as she intentionally blurs the lines between “virtual reality” and “real life” in her provocative communiqu├ęs to the universe.

Acidexia is an authentic, highly personal coming of age autobiography and a cultural artifact documenting the fringes of culture at the dawn of the Information Age. It’s an artful literary collage of journal entries, travelogue, revolting manifestos, street poetry, sci-fi riffs, Dadaist experiments and cultural critique that rips apart and reassembles every fragment of culture the author confronts: youth counterculture, music scenes, Discordianism, anarchy, transhumanism, insanity, and more.