Anticipating 2025

November 12, 2013

Two events in one conference

  • “Paths to 2025: visions, nightmares, roadblocks, and plans”
  • “Transhumanism for 2025: health, spirituality, politics, and transcendence”

Subject to ticket availability, people can choose to attend either, or both, of these two events, depending on their interests and their other commitments.

The schedule for each day

Each day will be structured along the following lines:

  • 09.15: Registration, refreshments, and networking
  • 09.45: Three opening talks
  • 11.15: Break for networking and refreshments
  • 11.45 Two further talks
  • 12.45: Lunch break
  • 14.15: Two further talks
  • 15.15: Break for networking and refreshments
  • 15.45: Final session (two more talks, and/or panel discussion)
  • 17.00: End of day.

This envisages up to nine speakers per day, with each speaker having around 18 minutes to make their key points, followed by 10–12 minutes of audience interaction.

Some sessions may instead involve panel discussions and greater audience interaction.

Confirmed speakers:

Speakers at Anticipating 2025 will include the following (for more information, see the Speakers page):

  • Natasha Vita-More, Chair, Humanity+
  • Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer and co-Founder, SENS Research Foundation
    “When the days of aging are clearly numbered, how will humanity react?”
  • David Pearce, co-Founder, World Tranhumanist Association
  • Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University
  • Amon Kalkin, Founder, Zero State
    “The Wave of change: Convergent technologies and disruptive trends in 2025″
  • Andrew Vladimirov, information security expert and DIY brain hacker
    “The near future of accessible cognition enhancement and modification”
  • Calum Chace, author of ‘Pandora’s brain’
    “Minds and AIs: six important questions”
  • Riva-Melissa Tez, co-Founder, Kardashev Communications
    - “The three obstacles that prevent emerging technologies from fulfilling their potential”
  • David Wood, smartphone pioneer and Chair, London Futurists
    “Predictions, good, bad, and ugly: roadblocks en route to 2025″