Aokify America Charity for brain research

November 10, 2013 by John Smart

You get to vote: the American Brain Foundation, U. of Rochester Memory Care Center (both research ways to prevent neurodegenerative diseases); Infusio, a German wellness clinic; or the Brain Preservation Foundation (BPF), a research charity I’m affiliated with seeking evidence that computational neuroscience and automation can revive the memory and minds of chemopreserved and cryopreserved brains in the future.*

Like one of these four!

The charity getting the most likes at Grammy-nominated electro-house producer/DJ Steve Aoki’s Facebook page will receive the proceeds from Steve’s donations of $1 from every ticket of his current AOKIFY AMERICA TOUR.

You can *greatly help* BPF — or whichever charity receives the most Facebook likes here by Nov. 23 — to win ~$60K of funds from the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund.


* That will require two things:

  1. Predictive understanding of the molecular mechanisms of short-term and long-term memory in brains (neuroscience labs are working on this right now in several animal models)
  2. Demonstration that the critical molecular structures of memory can be perfectly preserved at death today using both cryonics and the much less expensive option of chemopreservation and room temperature storage (BPF’s part).

Preserved brains might be reanimated later this century via scanning and uploading into future computers, or by nanorepair and reintegration into a biological body, per the interests of the individual and the capabilities of future technology. BPF thinks this information, and the availability of both options for individuals at death, might convince more people to use brain preservation as a “pause” button on neural and informational death that would otherwise occur at the end of life.

More on the Brain Preservation Foundation here. Videos here.