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Silicon Valley's coming of age.
August 24, 2018

book title: Troublemakers
deck: Silicon Valley’s coming of age.
author: by Leslie Berlin PhD
year: 2018

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— summary —

The story of 7 high-tech pioneers.

The richly told narrative of the Silicon Valley generation that launched 5 major high-tech industries in 7 years, laying the foundation for today’s world.

Written by journalist Leslie Berlin PhD, project historian at the Silicon Valley Archives of Stanford University.

At a time when the 5 most valuable companies on the planet are high-tech firms — Troublemakers is the story of how we got here.

This is the gripping history of 7 pioneers of Silicon Valley in the 1970s and early 1980s. Together, they worked across industries to bring tech from the Pentagon offices and university labs to our mainstream life.

Meet the people and their stories.

In her book Troublemakers noted author Leslie Berlin PhD introduces the people + stories behind the birth of the web and the micro-processor — plus these famous companies:

In 7 years — 5 major industries were born: personal computing, video games, bio-technology, modern start-up investment, and business database systems. Stanford University began licensing faculty innovations to business, and the Silicon Valley tech community began to have influence in modern US politics.

Together, these troublemakers re-wrote the rules and invented our future. Featured among well-known Silicon Valley innovators like Steve Jobs, Regis McKenna, Larry Ellison, and Don Valentine are:

  1. Al Alcorn — Atari co. engineer behind the first successful video game
  2. Robert Taylor — mastermind of the personal computer
  3. Robert Swanson — co-founded Genentech co.
  4. Fawn Alvarez — progressed from an assembler in the factory to the executive suite
  5. Mike Markkula — owned 1/3 of Apple co.
  6. Niels Reimers — founder of the innovative Office of Tech Licensing at Stanford University
  7. Sandra Kurtzig — one of the first female software entrepreneurs

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Portrait of historian and writer Leslie Berlin PhD.

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* Silicon Valley is colloquial for the San Francisco, CA bay area •  United States

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deck: Silicon Valley’s coming of age.
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