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book | Science Fiction + Philosophy

From time travel to super-intelligence

Science Fiction and Philosophy

book | the Square and the Tower

Networks + Power: from the Freemasons to Facebook


book by Ray Kurzweil | the Singularity Is Near

When humans transcend biology

The Singularity Is Near cover

book | the Stars

A new way to see them.

photo - globe of moon - no. 1

book | Sustainability

A history.

photo - rainbow - no. 2

book | Innovating Minds

Re-thinking creativity to inspire change.

photo - blocks - no. 3

book | Autonomy

The quest to build the self-driving car. And how it will re-shape our world.

book - cover - Autonomy - no. 2

book | Driverless

Intelligent Cars: and the road ahead.

book - cover - Driverless - no. 2

book | Troublemakers

Silicon Valley's coming of age.

story - brand - Apple - no. 1

book | In the Company of Women

Inspiration + Advice: from over 100 makers, artists, and entrepreneurs.

photo - sketch pad - no. 1

book | Thinking

Fast and Slow

photo - choice - no. 1

book | Future Bright

A transforming vision of human intelligence.


book | the Future of Humanity

From terra-forming Mars, inter-stellar travel, immortality, to our destiny beyond Earth.

book | Artificial Intelligence

101 things you must know today about our future.

The Synthetic Age: Outdesigning Evolution, Resurrecting Species, and Reengineering Our World


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