Bringing space down to earth

April 10, 2008

European CommissionĀ | Space is a strategic asset for Europe. The European Commission’s Space Research and Development activities are coordinated within the framework of the overall European Space Policy, complementing the efforts of Member States and of other key players, including the European Space Agency.

The Space Theme of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) is implemented with the objective to support a European Space Policy. The work programme focuses on applications such as GMES – Global Monitoring for Environment and Security, but also areas like space science, space technologies and space transportation (strengthening ‘space foundations’) for enhancing the competitiveness of the European space industry.

Europe has been active in the space sector for several decades, and activities encompass a wide spectrum ranging from launchers and space exploration to application satellites providing new services to society. Space activities, through scientific research and especially through their direct applications, are acknowledged as strategic for the European Union.

Support by the EU in the field of Space Research and Development encourages the research community as well as the private sector to intensify their efforts and investments. Sustaining a competitive industry (including manufacturers, service providers and operators) and providing appropriate services and infrastructures requires a sustained level of research into new technologies and their exploitation.

Video Source: EUTube

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