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A new book to inspire all ages.
April 10, 2019

LETTER | Meet the superheroine Danielle.

Dear readers,

I’m pleased to announce my new — and first — fiction book: Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine. It’s a novel about a clever young girl. She’s a heroine who uses her super-mind, along with smart technologies and the help of her amazing friends — to solve some of our biggest global problems. She finds solutions with her creative thinking. I wrote this positive story to showcase the power of ideas — together we can all create a better tomorrow. I believe our future is a world of abundance. My message is: anyone can be a Danielle!

Get to know the new novel — with sample chapters below:

I’d like to introduce you to the story with some sample chapters below. I hope you’ll also benefit from a wonderful special offer package to get the book set early. The novel comes with 2 non-fiction companion books that guide you through Danielle’s world — with practical advice to help anyone become a genuine hero or heroine: using bright thinking, compassion, and a passion for adventure!

Take a look at the pre-order special offer + learn more about the book set: click here. I hope my book will inspire all ages — get you laughing, dreaming, making, doing, inventing, caring, and thinking!

Ray Kurzweil


READING | A novel with 2 companion books.

1. — Enjoy the samples below from the novel — Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine —- and its 2 non-fiction companion books. Illustrated by Amy Kurzweil, a cartoonist featured in the New Yorker magazine — and my daughter.

Danielle’s world is complex, exciting, and chock full of ideas + people from modern history. The novel takes you on an international trip-tych of Danielle’s story starting as a baby — growing up with her into a young adult. The book is organized by her age.

2. — I wrote the non-fiction companion book — A Chronicle of Ideas: a Guide for Superheroines and Superheroes — to take readers on a tour behind-the-scenes: digging deep into the topics, tech, events, and characters that bring Danielle’s journey to life. Each chapter of the novel includes a matching section from the guide book. So you can read-along as you go.

3. — I wrote the non-fiction companion book — How to Be a Danielle — to give readers a pathway to be like Danielle in their own endeavors. Empowering everything you do!

READING | sample chapter

the preface by Ray Kurzweil

— 7th chapter from the novel — Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine
— chapter 7 | age 7: Burying the Evidence of a Crime

READING | sample chapter

— matching section from the companion book — A Chronicle of Ideas: A Guide for Superheroines and Superheroes
— chapter 7 | Burying the Evidence of a Crime

essays on:

READING | sample chapter

— a selection from the companion book — How to Be a Danielle
— chapter 7 | How you can be Danielle • and Combat Totalitarianism in the World

— celebrity endorsements —

for: Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine

  • new novel for all ages
  • by best selling author, inventor, futurist: Ray Kurzweil

from: Suzanne Somers
actress, best selling author, personal health coach

In a world filled with challenges, it can be hard to feel like anything you do has impact. This new novel by my friend Ray Kurzweil lifts us up — with an optimistic + hopeful vision of humanity’s future.

Suzanne Somers

from: Tony Robbins
motivational speaker, best selling author, life coach

Something we all need to learn is: “be kind + be smart” — that’s Danielle’s motto. The new novel by my friend Ray Kurzweil: Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine teaches people of all ages this lesson, through the power of inspired story-telling. The character Danielle gives us a fun + simple way to see the world in a different light.

Tony Robbins

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* Suzanne Somers: is Suzanne Marie Mahoney
* Tony Robbins: is Anthony Jai Mahavoric