Closing the Gap

September 4, 2015

Seismic changes are affecting the American economy and our society. Driven by technology, globalization, and an increasingly-connected world, upward economic mobility is becoming increasingly challenging, and the risk of jobs impacted by technology and globalization is real.

Businesses will have to re-think how they attract, develop, and compensate employees. Schools will be required to fundamentally revamp the way they deliver learning. Non-profits and Foundations must help people to prepare for constant change. Policy-makers will need to consider new solutions to complex problems of inequity and the lack of inclusion. And all of us will need to work together to devise new ways to ensure that everyone will be able to fully participate in a growing economy.

The Greene Institute, a new non-profit dedicated to promoting strategies for closing the gap in the American economy, is convening a multi-day conference that will bring together a pivotal group of world-class thinkers and doers from a broad range of arenas to listen to new ideas, gain new perspectives, and work together to determine how we can impact these coming changes to the benefit of our economy and our society.

— Event producer