Consciousness, the Beatles, and Zombie Blues

September 8, 2013 by Amara D. Angelica

I’ve been to two of the amazing biennial Toward a Science of Consciousness events and enjoyed them immensely, but I think this one April 21–26 next year in Tuscon will be the best yet.

It features three of the most interesting characters in neuroscience — Karl Deisseroth, Cristof Koch, and Henry Markram — and a bevy of other compelling speakers.

The conference is co-chaired by legendary megacharacters philosopher David Chalmers* and¬†physician/researcher Stuart Hameroff, who play Paul and Ringo, respectively in the “album cover” below. (Physicist Sir Roger Penrose, left, plays John and neuroscientist Christof Koch, right, plays George — original album cover pic with names here.)**

The overall objective of the conference, Hameroff tells me: What have we learned about consciousness in 20 years? What are the current hot approaches? Where do we go from here?

See you there?

* Don’t miss his traditional hilarious “Zombie Blues” performance at the Friday Poetry Slam (attempt at explanation). Warning: I may read another one of my Singularity poems there (yes, it will include the obligatory mention of microtubules).

** Rumor has it the four will sing a Beatles song at the traditional End of C Party blast. OK, I made that one up, but there’s no telling. …

(Click the image to expand.  Anybody know the guy in the yellow hat at the top?)