Crowdfunding campaign aims to deliver nanoparticle chemo via patches

July 10, 2013

(Credit: Atif Syed)

Students at the University of York have¬† launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough cash to research a nanoparticle cancer treatment that’s delivered via a patch directly to a tumor.

It uses nanowires that behave like tiny needles. They are calling it the Nanject, Wired U.K. reports.

It’s a technique that has been the subject of research for some time, using external magnetic fields like those produced by an MRI to navigate the drug to the appropriate spot (the nanoparticles are naturally magnetic). The MRI would heat up those particles in the body, and the tumor cells get destroyed in a process known as controlled hyperthermia.

Hussein and Syed need $3,000 (£2,000) to pay for the chemicals and raw materials. If the goal is reached, they will set about testing the efficacy of different nanoparticles and the patch itself.