Cryonics photos delve into the frozen world of the immortality faithful

October 5, 2012

Bulk Tank, Cryonics Institute, Detroit 2007 (credit: Murray Ballard)

The Prospect of Immortality is a six-year study by UK photographer Murray Ballard, who has traveled the world pulling back the curtain on the amateurs, optimists, businesses, and apparatuses of cryonics, the preservation of deceased humans in liquid nitrogen, Wired reports.

“It’s not a large industry,” says Ballard, who visited the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona; the Cryonics Institute in Detroit, Michigan; KrioRus in Moscow, Russia; and Suspended Animation Inc in Boytan Beach, Florida; among others.

Last year, The Prospect of Immortality was exhibited at Impressions Gallery in Bradford, UK. During the exhibition the British Science Festival came to town.