Machine Cognition and AI Ethics at AAAI 2015

letters from Ray | Immortality via the singularity

(credit: iStock)

awards | Ray Kurzweil wins Technical Grammy Award

Four outstanding achievements in music technnology.

Grammy Awards - 57th - logo

The future of the newsletter and e-mail

Oculus Rift: millions sold in 2015? (credit: Samsung)

Don’t fear artificial intelligence | by Ray Kurzweil

We could get to the singularity in ten years

10 to Singuarlity

Explainer: what is 4D printing?

Shapeshifting: 3D printed materials that change shape over time. (Credit: Dan Raviv/Scientific Reports)

Ray Kurzweil receives IEEE Eta Kappa Nu honor society’s top honor

Saurabh Sinha, PhD, Chair of the IEEE Educational Activities Board; Ray Kurzweil, IEEE Eta Kappa Nu “Eminent Member” honoree; Karen Panetta, PhD, Chair of the IEEE Education Activities Board and Recognition Committee; John Orr, PhD, President of Eta Kappa Nu, the IEEE Honor Society. (credit: IEEE)

Who blew up the rocket?

What happens when you mix space pork, greedy megacorporations, and recycled Russian rocket engines?

Antares launch failure, (credit: NASA)

Private spaceflight will survive Virgin tragedy because we choose to dream big

Spaceship Two (credit: Virgin Galactic)

When parallel worlds collide, quantum mechanics is born

Many different worlds but a finite number (credit: Flickr/fdecomite, CC)

Wait six years to buy your next car

A demonstrator car with two Lidar laser sensors hanging on the front bumper, five radar sensors hiding behind the fenders, and two optical sensors with 360-degree fields of view on the roof. Click image for a larger view. (Credit: Harbrick)

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