in print | the New York Times • the Soul of the Next New Machine: humans

feature: with Ray Kurzweil

photo - head - no. 2

reading room | Searching the Secrets: of the curious mind

from: the Atlantic

photo - brain - no. 7

good future | Helping Hands: innovation opportunities for youth

spotlight: Teen Tech Centers by Best Buy

photo - electronics kit - no. 1

on air | the Super Bowl: commercial series on mobile pioneers

feature: with Ray Kurzweil

art - mobile phone - no. 13

award | the Association of Computing Machinery

Ray Kurzweil | for: contributions to science + society

art - blueprint - no. 5

resources | Incredible Materials: the shape of things to come

Explore your natural world with this video series + activity kit.

photo - atom model - by Sperling Atomics co. - no. 1

resources | podcast + film on physicist Albert Einstein PhD

Celebrating 100 years of the general theory of relativity.

scientist - Albert Einstein -no. 1

A + E | Ray Kurzweil feat. in progessive hip hop song by Ceschi Ramos

About searching for balance in the fast moving world.

photo - headphones - no. 6

writings | Wired: Ray Kurzweil honors pioneer Robert Moog PhD

Remembering his lifetime of music synthesis innovation.

hande made - keyboard - no. 1

letter from Ray | Supporting universal basic income is a step in world progress

People will benefit from social help, plus accelerating tech + science abundance.

photo - banking - no. 3

South by Southwest | Interview with Douglas Caballero + Jessica Coen

on air | feature with: Ray Kurzweil

reading room | Virgin • Richard Branson’s blog: the pace of innovation

World renowned innovator Richard Branson explores Singularity University.


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