reading room | Virgin • Richard Branson’s blog: the pace of innovation

World renowned innovator Richard Branson explores Singularity University.


update from Ray Kurzweil | Google product feature called Talk to Books

Helps you find questions to your questions in more than 100,000 books .

Talk to Books ft

A + E | Music from the Submarines on modern living

series: the inspired arts

musician - the Submarines - no. 1

A + E | Post Modem: short film + song inspired by Ray Kurzweil

Award winning film-maker + artist Jillian Mayer explores singularity.

photo - headphones - no. 1

on stage | Ray Kurzweil highlights University Innovation Fellows event at Google

Ray Kurzweil at UIF Nov 2017 ft

the Guardian | Top 10 Books: to help you survive the digital age

no. 3: The Singularity Is Near by Ray Kurzweil

story - brand - the Guardian - no. 1

the Dream Big podcast | Inventor gazes into the future

on air | feature with: Ray Kurzweil

photo - headphones - no. 3

on stage | Future of artificial intelligence and its impact on society

Ray Kurzweil presentations at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Sarah files - image 3

update from Ray Kurzweil | His plans for smart language software at Google

Smart Reply (credit: Google Research)

CBC • The National | Ray Kurzweil predicts end of disease, AI leaps

A video interview with host Duncan McCue.

CBC - The National - B1

National Geographic | Beyond Human: how we shape our own evolution

A cover story including Ray Kurzweil on the future of human evolution.

National Geographic - A1

the New Yorker | Silicon Valley’s quest to live forever

An interview with Ray Kurzweil on the future of human longevity.


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