award | People of the Assoc. for Computing Machinery: Ray Kurzweil

Association for Computing Machinery - A5

tribute | Ray Kurzweil remembers his mentor Marvin Minsky, PhD

press | Axios • Ray Kurzweil: universal basic income will arrive in the 2030s

The Problem of AI Consciousness

Will this new ‘socially assistive robot’ from MIT Media Lab (or its progeny) replace teachers?

This impressive research raises troubling questions about possible future effects on children (and society) when combined with deep learning and immersive media

Tega ft

Ray Kurzweil talks w. host Neal deGrasse Tyson, PhD: on invention & immortality

part of the week long event series 7 Days of Genius at 92 Street Y

92 Street Y - A4

Here’s how we could build a colony on an alien world

colony ft

Ray writings | book foreword: Virtually Human

Robert Scoble: Life and Tech #42: Learning from’s Founder and CEO


Something mechanical in something living

The mechanical comic vs. BigDog

venus bot

Robert Scoble: Internet of Things Comes to the Masses


NPR | Marvin Minsky, who pioneered artificial intelligence research, dies at age 88

host Robert Siegel of All Things Considered speaks to Ray Kurzweil

NPR - A1

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