EmTech Digital: How will smart machines redefine your industry?

January 18, 2016

Get the business intelligence you need. How is artificial intelligence impacting business right now, and how will it reshape it in the near future? How will human-machine interaction augment our capabilities as we go about our daily lives?

AI already plays an active role in our day-to-day lives. Intelligent systems power search, social media, and your smartphone and track your health and finances. What’s coming next in AI promises to be the greatest computing breakthrough of our time.

Emerging technologies in AI will give machines spectacular new capabilities. As intelligent systems interact with us in more natural ways, understanding language and the environment and learning on the fly like the human brain, they’re becoming capable of making informed decisions and taking action autonomously.

The implications for every industry are mind-boggling. You need to know what’s coming, and EmTech Digital gives you the insights you need to exceed business goals.


  • The Tech Behind the Trends

    We’ll examine the latest research on artificial-intelligence techniques, including deep learning, predictive modeling, reasoning and planning, and speech and pattern recognition — the capabilities powering our connected devices and systems. How smart can machines become?

  • The Global Transformation of Business

    The real impact of AI will be felt when it moves from lab to market. EmTech Digital explores the impact AI is currently having in business and how we can expect it to change the face of today’s fastest-growing industries, including:
    • Health care and biomedicine
    • Retail and finance
    • Transportation and auto
    • …and more

Who Should Attend

EmTech Digital is a must-attend for anyone who needs the strategic intelligence to navigate the future of our connected world:

  • CEOs/CTOs/CIOs
  • Digital/Mobile Marketing Execs
  • Digital/Mobile VCs/Investors
  • Platform Developers
  • Start-Up Execs
  • Digital/Mobile Policy Specialists

—Event Producer