event | AI World Forum

theme: Dialogue on the future.
January 20, 2019

event title: AI World Forum
brand: the Digital Finance Institute org.
theme: Dialogue on the future.

season: spring
when: March 4 —5
year: 2019
where: Toronto, Canada

on the web: website

— summary —

Artificial Intelligence World Forum is a leading international conference that brings together global thought leaders in computing and machine learning to advance the dialogue on the future of AI.

The Forum is the place to be for partnerships, business development or investments. The whole eco-system is under one roof for 2 full days: banks, financial services firms, artificial intelligence companies, technology giants, start-ups and government. There will be a networking party for registered attendees + Forum sponsors.

— program | day 1 —

  • opening keynote
  • planes, trains, automobiles — the future of automated transportation
  • artificial intelligence — predictive
  • artificial intelligence — how it’s transforming banking
  • artificial intelligence — understanding data in a different way
  • artificial intelligence — and drones
  • artificial intelligence — classification+ the knowledge map
  • artificial intelligence — enterprise + the consumer experience
  • quantum computing
  • how AI doctors can out-perform humans
  • closing keynote
  • cocktail party

— program | day 2 —

  • opening keynote
  • artificial intelligence — ethics
  • artificial intelligence — the future of media
  • artificial intelligence — for gaming
  • wearable tech
  • the intersection of AI + block-chain
  • mid-day keynote
  • artificial intelligence — augmented reality
  • artificial intelligence — for inclusion
  • the future of robots
  • closing keynote

about | the Digital Finance Institute

We’re a think tank for fin-tech, artificial intelligence, block-chain. Created for the next generation of financial services. We track issues between financial innovation, digital finance policy + regulation, financial inclusion + women in financial tech.

— we develop partnerships for balanced regulation of digital payments + remittances
— we track emerging legal issues + share fin-tech knowledge + development
— we support solutions to financial inclusion problems
— we participate in emerging digital finance market areas: climate finance + artificial intelligence
— we support diversity
— we support the growing fin-tech eco-system + professional assoc.
— we’re building a community: vibrant, inclusive, good for start-ups
— we involve stake-holders
— we connect participants with educational opportunities

We host national fin-tech events. We launched the Fin-Tech Awards in Canada in year 2015 and helped establish a fin-tech assoc. We  participate with InnoTribe by SWIFT org. to profile women in fin-tech globally. We advocate for fin-tech hubs that are government-supported for start-ups.

on the web | pages

SWIFT | home
about: Global provider of secure financial messaging services.

SWIFT | InnoTribe
about: Connecting today’s financial leaders with tomorrow’s big thinkers.

* SWIFT = the Society for World-Wide Inter-Bank Financial Telecommunication org.

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Artificial Intelligence World Forum • by the Digital Finance Institute | home
Artificial Intelligence World Forum • by the Digital Finance Institute | blog: AI Insights

the Digital Finance Institute | home

— notes —

* AI = artificial intelligence
* AR = augmented reality
* SWIFT = the Society for World-Wide Inter-Bank Financial Telecommunication org.

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deck: theme: Dialogue on the future.
year: 2019
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