event | Cog X

theme: The festival of AI + emerging tech.
October 25, 2019

event title: Cog X
brand: 2030 Vision
theme: The festival of AI + emerging tech.

season: summer
when: June 8 — 10
year: 2020
where: London • United Kingdom

event website: visit

— summary —

The Cog X festival features an expanded agenda.

  • discuss — the impact of AI on industry, government, society
  • discuss — how to get from lab-to-live
  • discuss — deploy AI responsibly + ethically
  • explore — how AI intersects w. emerging tech
  • explore — the future of transportation
  • explore — the future of health + education
  • topic —  block-chain
  • topic — the internet of things
  • topic — 5G telecoms
  • topic — virtual reality + augmented reality

— gather together —

Come join Europe’s leading AI festival to enjoy:

  • 20 stages
  • 500 speakers
  • 400 hours of session
  • 100 companies exhibiting
  • 15,000 attendees
  • 9 dedicated expo zones
  • art, music, plus a host of private events
  • innovation talks, workshops, expos
  • 100s of real-world AI case studies
  • the most up-to-date research

1,000s of the brightest innovators will gather to connect and discuss the impact of AI. We’re taking over an entire London neighborhood — bringing it to life with 3 days of talks, leading-edge technology, round-tables, workshops, debates, private lunches, exhibits, pop-ups, art, music, public events. Plus the winners of the annual awards will be revealed, recognizing the best products + tech across all key industries and fields.

The over-arching theme of the festival is: how can AI + emerging tech support the United Nations: Sustainable Development Goals. Ethics is at the heart of Cog X festival. We’ll explore how to address the biases and unintended consequences of AI and other emerging tech.

By 2030 AI will have a $13 — $16 trillion impact on the global economy. Join us as we bring together the key players from across global industry, government and academics to move the conversation forward.

Cog X will encourage debate on how tech can help catalyze positive and enduring change. Cog X also offers executive briefings + numerous private events tailored for: senior executives, global politicians, AI thought leaders.

— background —

organization: United Nations
list: the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals — also called the “global goals” — are the blueprint drawn-up by the United Nations to achieve a better future for all people. They address the global challenges we face: poverty, environmental degradation, social welfare. The goals connect — in order to leave no one behind, it’s important that society achieves each goal by year 2030.

  1. end poverty in all its forms
  2. zero hunger
  3. health
  4. education
  5. gender equality + women’s empowerment
  6. water + sanitation
  7. energy
  8. economic growth
  9. infra-structure + industrialization
  10. non-equality
  11. cities
  12. sustainable consumption + production
  13. climate change
  14. oceans
  15. bio-diversity + forests + desertification
  16. peace + justice + strong institutions
  17. partnerships

on the web | pages

United Nations | home
United Nations | the Sustainable Development Goals: home
United Nations | the Sustainable Development Goals: knowledge platform

— speakers —

Meet some of our incredible speakers:

Alison Rose
bio: CEO • Commercial + Private Banking — Royal Bank of Scotland co.

Manuela Veloso PhD
bio: head • artificial intelligence research —  JP Morgan Chase co.
bio: head • machine learning — Carnegie Mellon Univ.

Jeffrey Sachs PhD
bio: Director • Center for Sustainable Development — Columbia Univ.

Kay Firth Butterfield   
bio: head • Artificial Intelligence — World Economic Forum org.

Martha Lane Fox
bio: founder — DotEveryone

Matt Hancock
bio: Secretary of State — Dept. of Health + Social Care • England

Juliet Bauer
bio: Chief Digital Officer — National Health Service • England

Wendy Hall PhD
bio: professor of computer science — Univ. of Southampton
bio: Director of the Web Science Institute — Univ. of Southampton

— about  —

organization: 2030 Vision

Tech partnerships for the global goals. 2030 Vision projects connect knowledge, expertise, tech, and resources to solve global needs. Our projects are collaborations between prestigious cross-sector groups that drive wide-scale innovation for the UN Sustainable Development Goals — using tech to imagine solutions.

Our ambition is to transform the use of technology through collaborative partnerships and innovative projects, to support the delivery of the the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals — unlocking the commercial opportunities they offer, by identifying and scaling impactful tech through multi-sector partnerships.

on the web | pages

2030 Vision | home
2030 Vision | partnerships
2030 Vision | global goals
2030 Vision | projects

— notes —

Cog X = Cognition X
UN = United Nations

AI = artificial intelligence
ML = machine learning
IoT = internet of things
VR + AR = virtual reality + augmented reality

UK = country: United Kingdom

JP Morgan Chase is historic name John Pierpont Morgan • Sr.
Matt Hancock is Matthew John David Hancock
Manuela Veloso is Manuela Maria Veloso PhD

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story title: event | Cog X
deck: theme: The festival of AI + emerging tech.
year: 2019
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