event | Tech X Africa

theme: Experience next generation thinking.
August 24, 2018

event title: Tech X Africa
brand: Niche Integrated Solutions co.
theme: Creating purposeful digital disruption.

season: autumn
when: September 14
year: 2018
where: Johannesburg, South Africa

on web: event website

— about the event —

The thrilling world of new tech lays the foundation for customer engagement on a world class level. Consumers have evolved faster than we imagined. The digital world has progressed and transformed at an astounding rate, despite our difficult world financial climate.

People in both business and tech strategy need to align their thinking — closely braided —  so they can lay the foundation for enhanced, innovative and groundbreaking customer engagement and adoption.

This is a valuable opportunity to experience next generation thinking and philosophy with keynote addresses, case studies and leading speakers — with a transformative platform of new tech that is appropriate for the Africa. Come join us at an event with woman in tech, transporting you into the era of purposeful cost and market disruption.

— topics —

  1. the trending disruptors
  2. big data
  3. the business value of block chain
  4. the digital cloud
  5. the internet of things
  6. virtual reality + augmented reality for enterprise

— the master class is a day conference
— the discussions are open to all industries

  • regulations + authorities
  • government
  • agriculture
  • automotive
  • aviation
  • chemical
  • pharma
  • petro-chemical
  • building + construction
  • financial services
  • information + communications tech
  • manufacturing
  • engineering
  • medical
  • mining
  • public enterprises
  • defence
  • aerospace

note: Niche Integrated Solutions co. is a 100% female managed  information + communications tech firm in South Africa.
description: by event host

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story title: event | Tech X Africa
deck: theme: Experience next generation thinking.
year: 2018
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