event | Yale Innovation Summit

theme: The future is now.
March 4, 2020

— event —

group: Yale Univ.
event title: Yale Innovation Summit
theme: The future is now.

season: spring
when: May 13
year: 2020
where: New Haven, CT • United States

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— summary —

The Yale Innovation Summit is a day-long event high-lighting entrepreneurial Yale Univ. faculty and students and the investable innovations coming out of Yale labs. This year will include a career expo.

  • 2 keynotes
  • 16 faculty pitches
  • 20 company presentations
  • 35 panelists
  • 100 posters
  • 100 investment opportunities
  • 100 investment firms
  • 200 corporations
  • 1000 attendees
  • 2 million $ in investment prizes

— welcome —

At Yale University we don’t just want to make new things — we want to make things better. We want to offer our education as accessibly as possible. And to as broad a range of students as we can, throughout the world.

Peter Salovey PhD

bio: President • Yale Univ.
bio: social psychologist

— 2 tracks —

1. |  bio-tech track — commercializing ideas for drug discovery + biological therapeutics
2. |  tech track — commercializing ideas from physical sciences + computer sciences: engineering, software, services

— showcase —

The Yale Innovation Summit offers a premier opportunity to showcase your breakthrough tech to a large number of interested investors + industry leaders — both through a prominent electronic poster display with interactive screens + through 2 live pitch events.

A brief application and a 5 minute presentation deck is all you need to apply for:

  • an electronic poster
  • the pitch contest
  • or both

— featurette series —

group: Yale Univ.
series: Innovation to Impact

— summary —

The “Innovation to Impact” video series high-lights leading Yale Univ. entrepreneurs turning their ground-breaking research + innovative ideas into businesses that have raised $1+ million — and are poised to have significant, positive impact in people’s lives.

1. |

series: Innovation to Impact
featurette title: Arvinas

— summary —

Meet Craig Crews MD — he’s a professor of molecular, cellular, and developmental biology at Yale Univ. He’s founder of Arvinas. The company is translating innovative protein degradation approaches into novel drugs for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

Arvinas | home

2. |

series: Innovation to Impact
featurette title: NextCure

— summary —

Meet Lieping Chen MD + PhD — he’s a professor in cancer research + professor of immuno-biology, dermatology, and medicine. His specialty is medical oncology. He’s co-director of the cancer immunology program at Yale Cancer Center.

He’s a pioneer in the field of immuno-oncology. His discoveries have led to life-saving drugs for cancer patients. With the support of the Office of Co-Operative Research at Yale Univ. — Chen launched a start-up called NextCure that’s leading to breakthrough treatments.

NextCure | home

3. |

series: Innovation to Impact
featurette title: GestVision

— summary —

Meet Wendy Davis — she’s an MBA from the Yale School of Management at Yale Univ. She’s founder of GestVision. She’s developing a simple urine test to detect the pregnancy disorder called pre-eclampsia that impacts 1 -in- 12 pregnancies in the United States. And puts 10,000s of pregnant women and their unborn children at risk of death + serious health complications.

GestVision | home

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motto: light + truth

— notes —

CT = Connecticut • Unites States
MBA = Master of Business Administration

* featured sketch by Louis Isadore Kahn

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