Experts to ‘redefine the future’ at Humanity+ @ CalTech

November 30, 2010

Cal Tech's Beckman Institute auditorium

On December 4 and 5, leading researchers, engineers, philosophers, physicians, designers, and others will meet at Caltech’s Beckman Institute to participate in Humanity+ @ CalTech and address the provocative and timely question: What are the radical technological changes that will redefine humanity?

Topics will include Re-Imagining Humans: Mind, Media, and Methods; Radically Increasing the Human Healthspan; Redefining Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence Enhancement and Substrate-Independent Minds; and Business and Economy in the Era of Radical Technomorphosis.

Beckman Institute

Speakers will include Alex Backer, Gregory Benford, Ryan Bethencourt, Bryan Bishop, Stephen Coles, Patri Friedman, Suzanne Gildert, Ben Goertzel, David Hanson, Christof Koch, Randal Koene, David Levy, Amy Li, Parijata Mackey, Max More, Tom Munnecke, Alex Peake, Michael Rose, Paul Rosenbloom, John Smart, Adrian Stoica, Robert Tercek, Michael Vassar, and Natasha Vita-More.

“Humanity+ uniquely encompasses the entire range of approaches for using technology to fundamentally improve the human condition,” says Max More, strategic philosopher, Vice Chair of Humanity+, and chairman of the legendary Extropy Institute. “It’s ideally positioned to develop and disseminate rationally optimistic thinking about a technologically-improved future, to spur the development of a wide range of pro-technology projects, and to resist those would halt beneficial technological advance.”