Exponential Medicine

September 29, 2014

Exponential Medicine is a four-day conference by Singularity University that brings together top experts to inform medical services leaders how technology is impacting healthcare and medicine. Part of the Exponential Conference Series, this event will take place in Coronado, San Diego at the Hotel Del Coronado November 9-12, 2014.

What is Exponential Medicine?

Exponential Medicine is an “application required” program of world-class faculty mixed with highly curated participants who want to break across traditional silos,  cross-fertilize, understand and leverage rapidly developing technologies to reinvent and improve many elements of healthcare and biomedicine.

Exponential Medicine brings together leading thinkers, innovators and practitioners to reveal what’s happening in the labs and in clinical trials today, and what game changing technologies are likely coming to market in the next 2 to 10 years.

This unique program focuses on breakthrough developments ranging from 3D printing to personalized stem cell lines, artificial intelligence, point-of-care lab-on-a-chip diagnostics to large-scale bioinformatics and synthetic biology and the implications of low cost genomics.  All of these rapidly developing technologies and more are discussed in the context of the current explosions of digital information, big data and connected and distributed healthcare.

Through a series of world-class faculty speakers, panel discussions, demos, and in-depth discussions,  participants come away from this intensive three and a half day program with new relationships, business concepts, insights, and opportunities for collaborations that can transform their practice or company.

Since 2011 Singularity University has put on its annual, oversubscribed and highly regarded ‘Exponential Medicine’ program. In late 2013 Exponential Medicine moved to the Hotel Del Coronado.

What Sets Exponential Medicine Apart from other programs?

  • Singularity University prides itself on being on the cutting edge when it comes to understanding technology driven change.
  • This conference brings the best of healthcare innovation to San Diego.
  • We focus not only on the impact that these technologies are having in the world of bioimedicine but on the industries that may impact medicine and healthcare.

Who Should Attend?

Physicians: Intended for clinicians across the medical spectrum, from full time clinicians to academicians. Any M.D. who is looking to understand the global trends, disruptive technologies in medicine and healthcare should fully participate in this program. Exponential Medicine participants will network with fellow top innovators who are leading the technology revolution.  You will learn about emerging tools to improve your clinical practice, research and your ability to identify and address pain points in your clinical practice.

Inventors & Innovators: Anyone who is involved and interested in innovation to develop novel solutions (and improve current approaches)  to address unmet needs across the healthcare ecosystem:  ranging from medical devices, software and  mobile Apps, new drugs and therapeutic approaches, to the utilization of big data, artificial intelligence, electronic medical records and more.

MedTech & BioPharma Executives & Investors: Technological breakthroughs are emerging from the intersection of various exponentially growing fields: Where 3D printing and Stem Cell biology meet, we see a new organ regeneration industry emerge; where cloud computing, microfluidics and artificial intelligence intersect we witness the creation of the Star Trek medical Tricorder.  Any medical CEO, CTO or CMO who is not thrilled and terrified by the rapid explosion of technology doesn’t understand the pace and impact of this change.