iRobot | The Ava mobile robotics platform

February 4, 2012

iRobot | iRobot Ava™ is a breakthrough mobile robotics platform developed to help robot designers, application developers and market innovation specialists expedite the pursuit of practical, affordable mobile robotic solutions.

Autonomous navigation for independent, proactive point-to-point navigation. The right balance of features and robustness integrated in meaningful and productive ways. A highly accessible development platform for business or consumer applications. Comprehensive sensor arrays (laser, sonar, and 2D/3Dimaging) providing complete autonomous navigation.

Intuitive and easy to use controls for natural, non-intrusive user interactions. Customizable touch, voice, and gestural controls create richer interactions. Person-following, height adjustment and other flexible, autonomous behaviors simplify use. Deliberate navigation and predictable behaviors inspire trust and confidence.

Real time situational awareness for fast reactions to the complex world we live in. Detects and avoids people, objects and hazards such as stairs. Responds to our human world with smooth yet quick omni-directional movement. Identifies and reacts to changing environments in real time.

iRobot | Ava
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