Genetics and Genomics 2013 Virtual Conference

July 22, 2013

The theme of this conference is a range of genetics and genomics topics such as RNAi, Next-generation sequencing, Cancer research, Sequencing, Genome-wide association studies GWAS, Epigenetics, Mapping, Exomes, Genomic medicine, Human Genome Structural Variation, Pharmacogenetics, DNA/RNA Purification, Mutations, Translational Genomics, Bioinformatics, Genotyping, Pharmacogenomics, Screening, Cloning, Gene Expression, Phenotyping, Transcription, Functional Genomics, Synthetic Biology, Genome Engineering, Immunology, qPCR/Real-Time PCR, PCR, Biomarkers, Stem Cell research, Human Identification, Bioproduction, Molecular Diagnostics and much more. Attendees can earn free CME and CE Credits.

This event will bring together research scientists, post docs, principal investigators, lab directors and professionals from around the world to learn about recent advances in genetics and genomics. This conference offers an amazing opportunity as it is free to participants, and there will be no out-of-pocket expenses for travel. However, participants will still benefit from interacting with a global community of like-minded colleagues, without leaving the comfort of their office or home.

With the advent of genetic and genomic medicine, health care providers will benefit from attending this conference and gain knowledge including the understanding of genetic testing, how to calculate risk and when to refer a patient to a genetic specialist, how the application of genomics will be key to effective prevention and management of many of the most important health-care issues.  They will learn skills including the ability to communicate genetic information, how to manage family dynamics, become up to date on tools that are available to help the health-care professionals convey complex genetic information to patients.

This program will help to convey to health care practitioners that genetics and genomics are qualitatively different from all other topics because it underlies all of pathophysiology, and is therefore the fundamental science of health and disease.

Conference participants will be able to

  •     Attend interactive live streaming video sessions
  •     Have their questions answered in real-time by industry experts
  •     Chat live with peers and speakers
  •     Browse a virtual exhibit floor for solution providers

No crowded airports, delayed flights or expensive hotel rooms, but still the look and feel of a first-rate conference with world renowned experts. Participants also benefit from the fact that experts and vendors are more accessible, no more waiting in line to speak to someone. Think it is too good to be true? Checkout the venue and become a believer.