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spotlight: Teen Tech Centers by Best Buy
November 20, 2018

organization: Best Buy co.
program: Teen Tech Centers
features: mentoring + training + equipment
method: hands-on teaching with a range of tech
helping: under-served communities
age: youth

— about the program —

descriptions from: Best Buy

Teen Tech Centers by Best Buy are creating opportunities to make the future better. Every kid deserves to pursue their dreams. With tech, training, and mentoring — anything is possible.

By 2020, Best Buy Teen Tech Centers and tech-ed partners will give 1 million kids a brighter future every year. Access to tech, tools, training and mentoring will change a kid’s life — and help us co-create a good tomorrow.

We’re committed to preparing teens from under-served communities for tech-reliant jobs. Our hope is one day, every young person will have access to all they need to succeed. In the next 10 years — 80% of all jobs will require tech skills. Best Buy Teen Tech Centers help youth + young adults prepare — with hands-on experience with tech:

  • digital media
  • robotics
  • virtual reality
  • 3D printing
  • sound studio

We’re helping cultivate the next generation of inventors, engineers, and entrepreneurs. And we’re just getting started.

— 60 Best Buy Teen Tech Center locations planned for the US + Canada  + Mexico by 2020.
— 92% of youth participants plan to continue their education beyond high school.

watch | video: introduction
watch | video: inside the Teen Tech Center

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video no. 1  |  featurette: Tez — 15 years old

about  |  Tez likes to tell stories. He is a gifted film-maker who has big dreams to turn his passion into a career. His mentors and the Best Buy Teen Tech Center have helped Tez unleash his creativity + pursue his passion for film — equipping him with the tools to pursue his imagination.

video no. 2  |  featurette: Naje — 15 years old

about  |  Naje sees the world in pictures, and she loves to learn. She is a talented photographer and aspires to be an aerospace engineer. The Best Buy Teen Tech Center gives her the lens — equipping her with tools to grow her passions.

video no. 3  |  featurette: Latrell — 17 years old

about  |  Latrell spends his days writing lyrics. He’s is a gifted writer who aspires to be a musical artist. He’s taking his talents and turning them into reality with the words he writes. Latrell uses the Best Buy Teen Tech Center’s recording studio to set his lyrics to music.

vignettes  |  the Future Innovators series — by Best Buy
Young people using personal computers to design tomorrow.

video • A  |  watch
“We’re using our laptops to defy gravity — we created the SM-7 project to help soldiers climb walls.”

video • B  |  watch
“We’re using our laptops to take robotics to new heights — we created nano-quad-rotors.”

video • C watch
“I’m using my laptop to create wireless power — I created uBeam.”

video • D  |  watch
“I’m using my laptop to help students find internships — I created a website called Intern Queen.”

video • E  |  watch
“I’m using my laptop to turn any computer monitor into a multi-touch screen — I created zero touch.”

video • F  |  watch
“I’m using my laptop to enable micro-loans that change lives — I created Kiva.”

video • Gwatch
“We’re using our laptops to turn soccer balls into a power source — we created the soccket.”

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