Harvard scientists to build Iron Man-like suit for military

July 26, 2012

The new wearable system would be made from soft, stretchable, assistive devices, which would help improve physical endurance for soldiers in the field (credit: Wyss Institute, Harvard)

Harvard University scientists are working on an Iron Man-like smart suit that could improve soldiers’ endurance in war zones, Network World reports.

The university received a $2.6 million research grant for the project from DARPA.

The suit, which is expected to include sensors and its own energy source, will be designed to delay the onset of fatigue, enabling soldiers to travel further in the field, while also supporting the body and protecting it from injuries when the soldier is carrying heavy loads.

A team of bioengineers at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard will work on the project.

The suit is designed to be lightweight, efficient and nonrestrictive, according to Harvard. It will be made from soft, wearable devices that will be connected to stretchable sensors for monitoring the body’s biomechanics.

Another technology that is expected to be part of the suit will produce low-level vibrations that should increase the body’s sensory functions and should give the wearer a better sense of balance.