How ‘augmented reality’ will make boring cities beautiful

August 11, 2011 | Source: SmartPlanet
Augmented City

Augmented city (credit: Junaio)

Augmented reality software company Junaio is showing off what’s possible with the world’s fastest mobile phones.

In the near future, as you stroll down the street, billboards and street signs will change to suit your interests. Ghostly arrows will float in the air, pointing you toward your destination. Buildings, vehicles, the apparel of those you pass, and the very fabric of the reality you perceive will all be as changeable as your wardrobe.

That’s the vision of futurists and science fiction authors like Vernor Vinge, and increasingly, it’s the reality brought to us by mobile devices. Junaio’s goal is to “make the digital world surrounding us a natural experience,” which means “not just showing some type of information on top of a camera image, but truly embedding the digital information into the real world as a natural experience.”

Down­load ju­naio for free at the iPhone App Store or An­droid Mar­ket­place and ex­pe­ri­ence the Aug­ment­ed City.