September 8, 2012
author |
Martin Higgins
year published |

human_plus_martin_higgins_bookA finger is poking through the screen of reality … David yearns to change the world, but he is only a struggling artist — struggling to pay his rent, struggling with drug addiction, struggling to stay sane amidst a gathering storm of demonic visions and dark precognitions.

Adrift on the streets of New York, he is led by a bizarre vision to follow a mysterious young woman who introduces him to a charismatic psychiatrist and his network of revolutionaries, known as The Company. Recognising David’s budding psychosis as prodigious psychic potential, The Company fast tracks him through their own secret training program to self mastery.

Transformed, David soon finds himself center stage in a genuine plot to change the world. But, he soon wonders if, rather than offering salvation, The Company’s technological ambitions might be about to damn mankind. And he realizes his life may be in danger when he discovers others who fear the same.

Inspired by U.S. psychic spying research, emerging technology and the transhumanist movement, Human+ examines important questions that are just around the corner for all of us and, potentially, human evolution itself.

“The Singularity meets Eastern mysticism … a science fiction novel on high technology and spirituality. [V]ery good. It captures well the tension between human potential and its engineered version, and the different mindsets of those who promote them. ” — Giulio Prisco , futurist and transhumanist writer.