Immortality Wars (digital novel)

June 20, 2012
author |
Joe Tripician
year published |

immortality_warsWhat is it about the Singularity that causes such controversy and conflict? In an age where nanotechnology and stem cells could greatly extend human life, and where human-to-computer mind upload is discussed as casually as the latest iPad app, the Singularity may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

Award-winning author and filmmaker Joe Tripician offers up a tantalizing, satric and cautionary tale of one such vision.

Immortality Wars features Private Detective Harry Tidbit who is hired to save the State from terrorist attacks. One day Harry learns that his employers have plans to kill him, along with an entire generation of new immortals.

With help from an emergent intelligence, Harry repels the assaults, and perfects mind upload as a cure for his brother’s terminal illness. But when competing factions vie to claim his discovery, Harry becomes their prime target.

Michael Berger, co-founder of, a leading nanotechnology information portal, calls Immortality Wars “a riveting and provocative journey into a frightening but plausible future.”

Immortality Wars paints a wicked portrait of the near-future, one where technology’s goals require wars to bring them to creation. In this world human ingenuity is a saving grace, and immortality is not necessarily forever.