In historic victory for community radio, FCC puts 1,000 low-power FM frequencies up for grabs

June 20, 2013

In a major victory for the community radio movement after a 15-year campaign, the Federal Communications Commission has announced it will soon begin accepting applications for hundreds of new low-power FM radio stations in October, according to Democracy Now.

“This means nonprofits, labor unions and community groups have a one-time-only chance this year to own a bit of the broadcast airwaves. It is being heralded as ‘the largest expansion of community radio in United States history,’ say independent news producers Amy Goodman and Juan González.”

The FCC’s short application window for new stations will run from October 15 to October 29. “This is a one-shot opportunity,” says Jeff Rousset, the national organizer of the Prometheus Radio Project, which has led the campaign to challenge corporate control of the media and open up this space on the dial. The work that we do over the next four months will really help shape the course of this country’s media landscape for the next 40 years.”

Rousset says in the video that Prometheus Radio Project will offer its help to community groups and that frequencies will be available in most of the major cities.”One of these stations will be able to reach over 100,000 listeners, plus stream online.”