Intel | 500 drone light show setting new world record

May 7, 2018

about from Intel | Intel put 100 drones in the sky in 2016 and broke a world record. For 2017 we set a new challenge: 500 drones. Watch our new world record performance in action.

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Intel IQ | 500 drones light night sky to set world record
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video set | airborne drone sky show 
Films on the making of the drone 3D masterpiece.

video 1. | Intel + Ars Electronica

video 2. | Intel + Ars Electronica

about from Intel + Ars Electronica | Intel and Ars Electronica Future explain how they developed Drone 100, a 3D masterpiece and world record of art and airborne technology, using Intel technology to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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