Intel invests US$50 million in quantum-computing research

September 3, 2015

Think of classical physics as a coin. It can be either heads or tails. If it were a bit, it would be 0 or 1. In quantum physics, this coin is best thought of as a constantly spinning coin. It represents heads and tails simultaneously. As a result, a qubit would be both 0 and 1 and spin simultaneously up and down. (credit: Intel)

Intel announced today (Thursday Sept. 3) an investment of $50 million and “significant engineering resources” in quantum computing research, in a 10-year collaborative relationship with the Delft University of Technology and TNO, the Dutch Organisation for Applied Research.

“A fully functioning quantum computer is at least a dozen years away, but the practical and theoretical research efforts we’re announcing today mark an important milestone in the journey to bring it closer to reality,” said Mike Mayberry, Intel vice president and managing director of Intel Labs.

Infographic: Quantum Computing

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