interview | for the book: Mavericks of Medicine

writing: by Ray Kurzweil
September 3, 2020


— book —

book title: Mavericks of Medicine
deck: Conversations on the frontiers of medical research
author: by David Jay Brown
year: 2006

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— summary —

This book features in-depth interviews by award-winning science writer David Jay Brown with top thinkers. Brown looks into alternative medicine, euthanasia, mind/body medicine, food diet, spirituality and health, regenerative medicine, nutritional supplements, longevity research, cannabinoid medicine and medical marijuana, psychedelic drug research, chelation therapy, and nano-tech.

  • Andrew Weil ?MD
  • Jack Kevorkian
  • Bernie Siegel
  • Barry Sears
  • Larry Dossey
  • Ray Kurzweil
  • Michael West
  • Leonard Hayflick
  • Kary Mullis
  • Aubrey de Grey
  • Peter Duesberg
  • Raphael Mechoulam
  • Rick Strassmann
  • Michael Fossel
  • Durk Pearson + Sandy Shaw
  • Joseph Knoll
  • John Guerin
  • Garry Gordon
  • Jonathan Wright

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