iPad explores quantum computing

March 12, 2013

D-Wave One computers (credit: D-Wave)

A new section in Lockheed Martin’s LM Tomorrow, a free app for iPad users, explores quantum physics in an interactive, easy-to-understand format. The LM Tomorrow app received the gold-level “W3 Award” in 2012 for creative excellence on the web.

The Quantum Theory section draws on expanding research into the  potential of quantum computing to solve challenges ranging from designing lifesaving new drugs to instantaneously debugging millions of lines of software code.

In partnership with the University of Southern California, the Corporation has founded the USC-Lockheed Martin Quantum Computation Center (QCC), home of D-Wave One, the world’s first commercial adiabatic quantum optimizer and by far the largest functional quantum information processor ever built.

The computer’s strength is systems optimization. It is capable of sorting through tremendous possibilities — more variables than all of the digital data created in an entire year.

In the context of nature, that’s like simulating 20 years of evolution in 10 nanoseconds.

“Computationally, this is the equivalent of the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk,” explains Greg Tallant, Lockheed Martin program manger at the QCC, in the Quantum Theory presentation’s video segment.

“It’s a game changer for Lockheed Martin, a game changer for our customers, and ultimately a game changer for humanity,” he says.

LM Tomorrow is downloadable from the Apple App Store.