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from: Scientific American
November 1, 2020

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collection title: 50, 100, and 150 Years Ago
deck: Innovation + Discovery: chronicled in Scientific American
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An immense repository of stories going back to the mid 1800s — and spanning a breadth of human invention that gives you a front-row seat to civilization’s progress as-it-happened. This fascinating curated collection updates monthly.

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“I hope you enjoy the journey!”

Daniel Schlenoff

bio: writer at Scientific American
bio: editor of the collection: “50, 100, and 150 Years Ago”

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A portrait of writer + editor Daniel Schlenoff.

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Dear readers,

Tracking 1.5 centuries of innovation + discovery, Scientific American magazine’s story collection titled “50, 100, and 150 Years Ago” — is curated by editor Daniel Schlenoff and features monthly compilations.

The chronicle presents almost 300 stories on tech invention + science knowledge — archived since year 1845. This set was picked for our library because it’s a super resource for anyone watching the path of progress.

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