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February 1, 2020

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In the digital featurette series Explorers — NASA researchers dive deep into the science of Earth’s north + south poles.
They see icebergs beneath the surface. And plan for a new age of ice on Earth.

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group: by NASA
tag line: For the benefit of all.

series: Explorers
seasons: 1 + 2

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It’s not rockets and satellites that make NASA soar — it’s people. NASA Explorers is a digital series that takes you inside the space agency and follows the pioneers, risk-takers, and experts at the frontline of exploration.

season | no. 1

series: Explorers
season title: Cryosphere
year: 2018

— summary —

The NASA Explorers: “Crysophere” series joins NASA scientists on their journey to the frozen ends of Earth as they study our rapidly changing world from satellites, airplanes, and boots on the ground. | trailer


watchepisode 1 • the big thaw
watchepisode 2 • the snow below
watchepisode 3 • ice odyssey
watchepisode 4 • glacial pace
watchepisode 5 • frozen world
watchepisode 6 • high mountain glaciers
watchepisode 7 • perma-frost
watchepisode 8 • the launch
watchepisode 9 • final approach
watchepisode 10 • flying Alaskan
watchepisode 11 • cryo kids

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An antique map of the moon.

season | no. 2

series: Explorers
season title: Apollo
year: 2019

— summary —

The NASA Explorers: “Apollo” series looks at Earth’s moon and the people who explore it. During the Apollo program, the moon became a part of the human domain. 12 astronauts walked on the lunar surface, conducted research there and collected moon rocks to bring back for study.

50 years after humanity’s first steps on the moon, today’s lunar scientists are searching for answers to the big questions: How did the moon form? How did our solar system evolve? Did the moon help life on Earth get its start?

Explorers: APOLLO

watchepisode 1 • giant leaps
watchepisode 2 • the family moon business
watchepisode 3 • moon girl
watchepisode 4 • moon detective
watchepisode 5 • Apollo story round-up

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group: by NASA
tag line: For the benefit of all.

special exhibit: Apollo 50
tag line: The next giant leap.
about: 50th anniversary of first moon landing
series title: NASA’s look at 50 years of Apollo
season: no. 1
year: 2019

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NASA = National Aeronautics + Space Admin. • United States

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