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April 1, 2014

Dear readers,

There is a major push in Silicon Valley to recruit more women into software engineering. The overall issue of the lack of women in this field is a national issue. I strongly encourage and support women in the sciences and in technology. I wanted to share this recent article in The New York Times.

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story title: Technology’s man problem
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Here’s a quote from the New York Times story:

“Tech’s biggest companies say that recruiting women is a priority. If we do that, there’s no question we’ll more than double the rate of technology output in the world, Larry Page, the chief executive of Google, said last spring. Yet at Google, less than a fifth of the engineers are women.

“This lack of women has become of greater concern in the industry for a number of reasons. For one, the products that the tech industry creates are shaping the future for everyone. Perhaps more fundamentally, there are simply more jobs than can be filled by available talent.

“Perhaps more fundamentally, there are simply more jobs than can be filled by available talent. Some 1.2 million computing jobs will be available in 2022. Yet United States universities are producing only 39 percent of the graduates needed to fill them.”

— Ray Kurzweil


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