Lifenaut launches free lifelog service for future uploading

October 4, 2007 | Source: KurzweilAI

The Terasem Movement Foundation has launched, a free online networking and personal data storage service that will “preserve one’s individual consciousness so that it remains viable for possible uploading with consciousness software into a cellular regenerated or bionanotechnological body by future medicine and technology.”

Users can upload up to 7 GB of “mindfiles,” including videos, pictures, music and documents, which can be viewed by other “lifenauts.” A Social Connections page allows users to create a sociogram showing connections to people they have met over the course of their life.

A chatbot can read the user’s profile and respond to general-knowledge questions. “In the future, the chatbot will become increasingly knowledgeable about the user’s profiles and mindfiles, and infer information from tagged multimedia files,” according to Bruce Duncan, Managing Director of Terasem Movement Foundation. is also “designed to test the hypothesis that conscious analogs of people can be brought to life based on sufficiently detailed mindfile data,” according to a statement on the Terasem Movement Foundation website.

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