Living Tomorrow | House of the future

November 3, 2011

Wannahaves | Living Tomorrow was founded in 1991 by architects Frank Belien and Peter Bongers. Their mission was to create a platform on which several companies could show their innovative ideas. Have you ever wondered what a future home will look like? We have been there, so watch here and find out.

Wikipedia | Living Tomorrow is a research oriented company with projects in the cities of Brussels and Amsterdam. It focuses upon opening what it calls “The Houses of Tomorrow.” Living Tomorrow is a meeting place for innovative companies to introduce visitors to products and services that can improve the quality of living and working in the near future. Social, economic and technological developments are observed and are converted into realistic and recognizable applications in the complex. 80% of the displayed solutions are ready for the market, while 20% are future-oriented visions.

Living Tomorrow selects carefully leading-edge companies, each prominent in their field of expertise. Together they integrate their products, services and technologies in a future oriented way.

Living Tomorrow opened its first “House of the Future” in 1995, which immediately attracted attention. After a second successful project in Belgium, in which the concept evolved into the “House and Office of the Future,” the first international complex was opened in Amsterdam in 2003. This grand opening attracted a lot of media attention. In January 2007 Living Tomorrow opened its current project “House, Office and Creative Industries of the Future” which expand the original home and office concepts to include extra aspects of a person’s lifestyle. This project will run until 2012.

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