Microsoft could make 3D Skype calls a reality with new meeting tech

April 30, 2013

Fully distributed 3-way videoconferencing that preserves the relative seating geometry as a face-to-face meeting. Such an arrangement will guarantee that the gaze between meeting participants will be faithfully maintained. (Credit: Microsoft Research)

Microsoft is developing a 3D telepresence technology for remote workers, The Verge reports.

The company says it is also looking to extend the technology to Skype, allowing consumers to enjoy “high-definition communication” in its voice and video calling software and “a realistic physical ‘body-double’ or proxy in a remote meeting.”

Microsoft’s job listing suggests it is looking to develop its Viewport research project into a viable product. Unveiled in April 2012, Viewport utilizes color and infrared cameras and projectors to construct a 3D hologram of a remote user to enable face-to-face meetings.

Microsoft believes it will “revolutionize communications and touch millions of customers around the world.”