Microsoft announces HoloLens augmented-reality display

January 22, 2015

Microsoft HoloLens (credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft introduced Tuesday (Jan. 21) HoloLens, an immersive, augmented-reality device based on the forthcoming Windows 10 operating system, also announced. No release date or price is available.

HoloLens allows users to interact with 3D objects, which are displayed as floating images, emulating holographic projections. A built-in CPU, graphics core, and “Holographic Processing Unit” (HPU) replaces the need for a phone or external computer. HoloLens recognizes gestures, gaze, and voice.

Microsoft also announced that Windows 10 will include a set of APIs for Windows Holographic that enable developers to create “holographic” (augmented-reality) experiences. Microsoft’s Cortana personal digital assistant will be available on Windows 10 PCs and tablets, in addition to Windows Phone. The included HoloStudio app allows users to design (and later print) 3D objects, Iron Man style.

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