Multis and Monos: What the Multicultured Can Teach the Monocultured Towards the Creation of a Global State

December 15, 2010
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Hugo de Garis
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Amazon | Dr. de Garis’ main thrust in his book is to advocate the creation of one global state (Globa). To do this, he strongly advocates that the world’s citizens need to be more “Multi” persons; living, working, and touristing in other countries. Mono-cultured persons are largely ignorant of what other countries have to better offer their own country. Dr. de Garis cites early thinkers such as Erasmus, Russel, Wells, et al, who have pointed out the advantages of creating a one world state. He also points out how today’s world is moving in that direction: the UN, the World Court in the Hague the 27 State European Union, with it’s common currency, NAFTA, SEATO, etc., and with English already used as the world’s most common international language.

This controversial book is bound to cause passionate discourse, a rarity in most political and futuristic books that one comes across lately.