New video series aims to popularize transhumanism; Kickstarter launched

November 18, 2013

(Credit: BIOPS)

The newly formed British Institute of Posthuman Studies (BIOPS), A UK think-tank that aims to popularize transhumanism, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the £65,000 needed to produce a series of six in-depth, animated video investigations of transhumanist themes and ideas during 2014.

BIOPS has created Posthuman: An Introduction to Transhumanism (below), a series introduction focusing on superlongevity (Aubrey de Grey’s ideas), superintelligence (Ray Kurzweil’s), and super-wellbeing (David Pearce’s).

“We’ll investigate a range of different transhumanist themes, consider their arguments in favor, highlight our greatest worries, and articulate what we perceive to be the most significant implications for humanity,” says BIOPS.

“We’re worried that such critical topics and concepts are not getting the coverage they need. Our aim for the video series is to bring awareness to the most important conversation humanity needs to be having, and to do it in a way that’s accessible, balanced and educational.”

(Credit: BIOPS)

“In addition to animating the ideas and concepts, we also want to seek out and challenge influential transhumanist thinkers. We’ll record the interviews, and include the highlights at the end of the videos.

“Humanity is in an increasingly symbiotic relationship with technology,” according to BIOPS. “As it becomes more central to our daily lives, technology is having an ever-greater effect on the human condition, and this trend seems set to continue. Careful consideration and informed debate on a societal scale is essential, as the risks may well outweigh the rewards. We exist to bring that conversation about sooner, rather than too late.”