the TED Interview | Future Arc of Technology: a special conversation

on air | feature with: Ray Kurzweil
February 8, 2019

brand: TED org.
podcast series: the TED Interview
episode title: Ray Kurzweil: on what the future holds next
deck: the Future Arc of Technology: special conversation.
episode: no. 8
date: December 2018

host: Chris Anderson
bio: producer + curator of TED

guest: Ray Kurzweil
bio: futurist, inventor, best selling author

the podcast series: the TED Interview

Celebrated host Chris Anderson speaks with some of the world’s most interesting people to dig into the provocative and powerful ideas of our time.

the interview: one-on-one

Join us for a special conversation with legendary inventor and computer scientist Ray Kurzweil — his life-long career has been to accurately plan for + predict the future arc of technology. What does he think is coming our way next? When does he think tech will finally gain human levels of language understanding?

about our guest: Ray Kurzweil

Futurist and best selling author Ray Kurzweil is an inventor who radically advanced the fields of digital speech, text, and audio tech. He’s respected for his dizzying — but convincing — writing on the advance of technology, the limits of biology, and the future of humanity.

about the host: Chris Anderson

After a career in publishing, host Chris Anderson became the producer + curator of TED conferences — a public events + media organization. He’s developed the brand as a platform for discovering + showcasing: people, places, projects worth spreading.

listen to the episode | one-on-one interview

A special conversation on what the future holds next. Listen to the interview with host Chris Anderson and guest Ray Kurzweil — on the future arc of technology.

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TED is launching a new way for curious audiences to dive into compelling ideas on our platform: The TED Interview — TED podcast series. Weekly episodes feature Chris Anderson — TED owner + curator — in conversation with guests about their thoughts.

interview guests:

  1. talk with Elizabeth Gilbert
  2. talk with David Deutsch
  3. talk with Sam Harris
  4. talk with Dalia Mogahed
  5. talk with Steven Pinker PhD
  6. talk with Robin Steinberg
  7. talk with Mellody Hobson
  8. talk with Ray Kurzweil
  9. talk with Daniel Kahneman PhD
  10. talk with Ken Robinson
  11. talk with

quote | from Chris Anderson

This interview series — the TED Interview — features a truly remarkable group of people, some of today’s most fascinating minds. They explain, amplify, illuminate, and defend their thinking.

For anyone enthusiastic by ideas, these conversations are a special treat. Our motto + mission is: Ideas Worth Spreading. This series offers curious audiences a front-row seat to fascinating and challenging people.

Chris Anderson

quotes | from Ray Kurzweil

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* TED = Technology Entertainment Design Conferences org.

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story title: the TED Interview | Future Arc of Technology: a special conversation
deck: on air | feature with: Ray Kurzweil
year: 2018

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