Quantum, Relativity, Consciousness And Beyond: A Scientific Quest for Ultimate Reality

June 4, 2014
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Shan Gao
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Notwithstanding the great advances in modern science, there are some deep, unexplained mysteries, and our current world view is still fragmented. On the one hand, the two pillars of modern physics, namely relativity and quantum theory, are not only incomplete respectively but also incompatible with each other. Moreover, they are difficult to understand and even incomprehensible. On the other hand, there is a deeper mystery concerning our most familiar phenomenon – consciousness. The relationship between mind and matter presents a longstanding hard problem for both philosophy and science. It is still unclear whether consciousness is an emergent property of complex physical processes or a fundamental feature of the universe.

This book aims at explaining these greatest mysteries in modern science, and in the end, providing a unified scientific picture of the ultimate reality. Unlike many popular science books on these topics, this book places priority on the rigor of the scientific arguments. At the same time, most of its contents are accessible to general readers.