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October 20, 2019

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production: Google • by Alphabet
documentary title: Search On
format: series

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— summary —

Search On is an original documentary series by Google — featuring stories of people around the world using Google technology to solve big problems, answer hard questions, and take action. This series is about people on a quest for better answers — and the magic that happens at the intersection of tech + humanity.

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— episodes —

—  1  —

no. 1 |

episode title: An eye fit for Liberty.
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— about —

Watch how a father used YouTube to make his daughter a better prosthetic eye. When their daughter Liberty was born with a rare eye condition, her parents struggled to find a prosthetic eye that didn’t cause her pain.

For former oil rig worker Dwayne Collins, “good enough” didn’t come close — when it came to his daughter Liberty. Dwayne took matters into his own hands. And while most people were turning to YouTube to learn things like how to tie a bow or tile a kitchen, he used it to learn how to craft a superior prosthetic eye just for her.

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story title: Eyes
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no. 2 |

episode title: Beneath the canopy.
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— about —

When saving the Amazon comes down to one tribe and an old cell phone. Is it possible to save a rain forest by listening to it? A native tribe in the Brazilian state of Para is exploring ways to use old mobile phones + machine learning to preserve their environment.

Can they help stop de-forestation? The Tembe tribe from the central Amazon river in Brazil hopes so. In collaboration with RainForest Connection — an environmental non-profit — the Tembe are using old mobile phones hidden in trees and TensorFlow — Google’s open-source machine learning tool — to listen for sounds of illegal logging.

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story title: Rain Forest
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—  3  —

no. 3 |

title: Riding to remember.
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— about —

When dementia takes memories away, a bicycle helps bring them back. Can a virtual ride down memory lane help preserve the actual memories of people suffering from dementia? One researcher is using a stationary bike equipped with Google Street View to find out. Meet the scientist using Google Maps to help dementia patients.

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story title: Bike Around
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—  4  —

no. 4 |

title: Daniel and the sea of sound.
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— about —

A young music lover follows the call of whales, to find his own path.

Daniel DeLeon never imagined he’d use machine learning to study endangered whales. But a life-long passion for music — plus fascination with the science of sound — led him to an internship at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California.

He used TensorFlow — Google’s open-source machine learning software tool — to identify endangered whale calls.

— reading —

story title: Sound Waves
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AI = artificial intelligence

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