Robert Ettinger 1918 – 2011

July 24, 2011

Robert Chester Wilson Ettinger, a pioneer transhumanist known as the “the father of cryonics,” was cryopreserved Saturday by the organization he founded, the Cryonics Institute.

His 1962 book The Prospect of Immortality.and his 1972 book Man into Superman inspired many of us.

“Robert Ettinger deanimated [Saturday]  at around 4 p.m. Eastern Time,” said Ben Best, president of the Cryonics Institute. “He was under hospice care and had an ice bath sitting by his bedside. His pronouncement and initiation of cooling was very rapid. The perfusion went well and he is now in the cooling box. Much more later.”

“My very best wishes to this remarkable man,” said Alcor Life Extension Foundation president Max More. “I regret that I never spoke to him face to face. I hope to do so sometime in the post-mortal future.”

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