MediaCart | Shopping cart of tomorrow

March 27, 2010

MediaCart | MediaCart has developed a computerized shopping cart that assists shoppers, delivers targeted communications at the point of purchase, and streamlines store operations. The MediaCart system accurately anticipates and responds to the shopper’s needs — helping them locate products, check prices and product information, and manage their shopping lists.

Most product purchasing decisions (over 70%) are made at the point of purchase in the store. Until now, effectively advertising at that exact “point of purchase” moment in time has been unattainable. With MediaCart, consumer product brand marketers display full-motion video advertising to shoppers as they approach various product locations in the store — walking down an aisle, approaching an end cap or standing at the checkout.

Shoppers locate products, check prices, and scan products at their cart. They can store and retrieve their shopping lists on the Web and retrieve a map of their items at the cart. Shoppers can retrieve product information and pricing, giving basket totals and check off items on the shopping list as they shop.

Video Source: MediaCart