Proud Pixels | Short film Singularity. Fashion. Reincarnation.

December 6, 2011

Proud Pixels | Short film created for a fashion event. We shot with almost no budget (something about $200). With the project, except me, worked two talented designers and photographers as well as a musician and fashion designer whose clothes you can admire on the screen. Greetings to everyone who helped us on this film. Enjoy watching. Shot on: Canon 5d mkII, Canon 24-70 L, Canon 70-200L, Zeiss ZE 35mm F2.

It’s so subtle we almost missed it, but there is a scene where the first woman breathes her life force into the new body — presumable transferring her consciousness or soul? (Her consciousness is presented as a luminous “whiff” of magenta light.) — Editors

Proud Pixels